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Thursday 24 October 2002

16:45 - 19:15 Parallel session C: Novel interaction paradigms and accessibility issues
16:45-17:00 A usability evaluation of a joystick-operated full-screen magnifier.
S. Kurniawan, A. King, D. Evans, P. Blenkhorn, UMIST, Manchester, UK
17:00-17:15 A pair of chord gloves for Braille input to computers for blind users.
S. Lee, J. Wook Jeon, H. Choi, H.-G. Choi, Sungkyunkwan University, Suwon, Korea
17:15-17:30 A multi-lingual augmentative communication system.
N. Alm, M. Iwabuchi, P. Andreasen, K. Nakamura, University of Dundee (Scotland), & Kagawa University (Takamatsu, Japan)
17:30-17:45 Finger instead of mouse: touch screens as a means for enhancing Universal Access for user interfaces for all.
A. Holzinger, Institute for Medical Informatics, Graz University, Austria
17:45-18:00 I.N.P.H. - Web interface for disabled people.
V. Dieudonne, C. Machgeels, P. Mahieu, C.E.T.D. & ULB, Bruxelles, Belgium
18:00-18:15 Universal access to multimodal ITV content: challenges and prospects.
S. Maad, Fraunhofer Institute for Media Communication, Germany
18:15-18:30 Multimodal dialogue systems: a case study for interactive TV.
A. Ibrahim, P. Johansson, Linkoping University, Sweden
18:30-18:45 Designing the user interface of a handheld device for communication in a high-risk environment.
J. Kjeldskov, J. Stage, Aalborg University, Denmark
18:45-19:00 User interface for a wearable augmented reality welding system.
M. Park, C. Canales, L. Schmidt, Aachen University of Technology, Germany
19:00-19:15 Accessible e-learning platform: design, framework, implementation.
M. Pustisek, I. Humar, J. Bester, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia



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