The Merging of Senses: Auditory-visual Attention Control After Biological Examples

Dr.-Ing. Hans-Heinrich Bothe
Assoc. Professor
Írebro University, Dept. of Technology & Science
Applied Autonomous Sensor Systems Group (AASS)
S-70182 Írebro, Sweden E-mail:

Hans-Heinrich Bothe is experimenting in the "Assistive Technologies - Multimedia - Robotics" triangle with generic speech recognition/processing algorithms controlling lip-movements of an artificial robotic head or a GUI-based virtual human face. These user interfaces are meant to enable the hard of hearing and more so the deaf to interact/communicate with able-bodied people under asynchronous and/or spatially decentralized conditions by lipreading. Such an application environment has obvious Dual Use/Design for All implications within a comprehensive UI4All framework, which - beyond Assistive Technologies - reaches out to speech-controlled robotics as well.