Abstracts of invited talks

Bringing Computing to the Maintainers of Large Vehicles
L. Bass

Intelligent Multimedia Interaction
M. Maybury


Long papers (in order of presentation at the workshop)

Supporting Interface Adaptation: the AVANTI Web Browser
C. Stephanidis et al., ICS-FORTH, Greece

Adaptation Agents: Providing Uniform Adaptations in Open Service Architectures
M. Bylund & A. Waern, SICS, Sweden

The PPP Persona: Towards a Highly Personalised User Interface
E. Andre et al., DFKI, Germany

How to Integrate Concepts for the Design and the Evaluation of Adaptable and Adaptive User Interfaces
C. Stary & A. Totter, University of Linz, Austria

IRIS: An Intelligent Tool Supporting Visual Exploration of Spatially Referenced Data
L. Andrienko & N. Andrienko, GMD, Germany

Unified Manipulation of Interaction Objects: Integration, Augmentation, Expansion and Abstraction
A. Savidis & C. Stephanidis, ICS-FORTH, Greece

A Review of User Interface Design Recommendations for Public Information Kiosk Systems
M.C. Maguire, HUSAT, United Kingdom


Short papers and position papers (in order of presentation at the workshop)

Adapting Multimedia Information for International and Disabled Users
M. Prime, RAL, United Kingdom

Convene - MUD Interfaces for Disabled Users
K.S. Hammarström et al., SICS, Sweden

Impediments to Designing and Developing for Accessibility,
Accommodation and High Quality of Interaction
D. Akoumianakis & C. Stephanidis, ICS-FORTH, Greece

From Adaptable Interfaces to Model-Based Interface Development: the GIPSE Project
G. Patry & P. Girard, LISI, ENSMA, France

Using Agents in Social Navigation (position paper)
D. Benyon & A. Munro, Napier University, United Kingdom

A World Wide Web-Based HCI-Library Designed for Interaction Studies
K. Perstrup et al., University of Copenhagen, Denmark

METADYNE: A Dynamic Adaptive Hypermedia System for Teaching
N. Delestre et al., PSI, INSA de Rouen, France

A Methodology and a Prototyping Tool for Adaptive Interface Design
S. Romitti et al., DIAM & IUSPIM, France

Adaptive Toolbars: An architectural Overview
T. Miah et al., LUTCHI, United Kingdom

An Adaptive USENET Interface Supporting Situated Actions
C. Lueg, University of Zurich, Switzerland

Visual Scripting for Virtual Behaviours
Mansoo K. & Ee-Taek L., ETRI, Korea

Error recovery Representations in Interactive System Development
F. Jambon, LISI-ENSMA, France

Visual Representation Concept of Factory Information
G. Zuelch et al., IFAB, Germany

Customising by Demonstration Generic Systems to Specific Tasks
P. Girard et al., LISI-ENSMA, France

Seeing the Wood for the Trees
P. Turner et al., University of Northumbria, United Kingdom

Certifying Web Accessibility for the Handicapped by ISO 9241 Conformance Testing

H. Gappa et al., GMD, Germany

The Difficulties and the Possibilities of Adapted Access for the Blind to the Web

S. Fahrat, Université Paris VII, France

Customising HTML by Filtering:
Techniques for Making the Internet Accessible to the Visually Handicapped
D. Hadjadj et al., UPMC, France


Posters (in alphabetical order of first authors)

A Textual Journal for Telecommunication Services
O. Curé, LIAP, Université René Descartes, France

Adoption and Diffusion of Groupware in Software Engineering Projects
S. Drummond & C. Boldyreff, University of Durham, United Kingdom

Towards an Oral Interface for Data Entry: The MAUD System
D. Fohr et al., CRIN-CNRS & INRIA-Lorraine, France

The SVT: A Workflow Visualisation Too
M. Howard, Linköping University, Sweden

User Interface of a New Generation of Authoring Environment of Multimedia Documents
M. Jourdan et al., INRIA Rhône-Alpes, France

Querying by Iconic User Interfaces on an Object-Oriented Database Desktop
A. Kadyamatimba & J. Mariani, Lancaster University, United Kingdom